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How is lung cancer diagnosed?

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Screening & Treatment

What is a lung biopsy and what procedures might I have to undergo?

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What can I learn from my lung cancer biopsy results?

What is staging and why is staging for lung cancer important?

What factors go into making a lung cancer treatment decision?

What does personalised medicine mean for someone facing a diagnosis of lung cancer?

What is targeted therapy and how is it being used in lung cancer?

What is maintenance therapy and how is it used in lung cancer?

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How do I know if maintenance therapy is right for me?

How do I choose a lung cancer treatment that is right for me?

What is palliative care?

What is a clinical trial?

How can I find the latest information about lung cancer and treatments?

How can I communicate more effectively with my doctor and health care team?

Getting counseling and support for lung cancer.

Molecular tumour testing

What questions should I ask my doctor about molecular testing?

What could prevent molecular testing from being performed on my biopsy tissue sample?


What does performance status refer to?

Speaker: Silvia Novello, MD, PhD

Playtime: 0:58

Key Messages From "What does performance status refer to?"
  • A patient’s performance status is their general level of fitness, which may affect his or her ability to tolerate treatment for lung cancer.